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LP to CD Conversion Services

Those who love music will be out to get the first album release as soon as it hits the market. The latest sound tracks, the best hits are something that many of us own. We all know the value of a Vinyl LP that was purchased at the time of a new record release from a famous band. We would have played it so often when friends came along or during parties.

If you have an extensive record collection, the only way it's going to be in a good condition is if you properly store it. Vinyl can easily get damaged with coffee stains, heat, dust, and scratches and this prevents the music in it from being heard. The most important problem that affects Vinyl records is improper storage. When you do not store your record properly, they will get damaged due to improper pressure and thus cannot be used for music listening.

Those with a large record collection will find this very heart breaking because they can no longer listen to sound on their favorite LP. The only way to listen to the tracks in such Vinyl LPs is to have the tracks recorded onto a high quality CD.

The process of Vinyl LP to CD conversion involves many steps that enable the recording of fine quality audio tracks onto the best quality CD, so that the resultant output is optimal. The LP is played in its entirety on both sides and software, after which both sides of the track are cleaned up. Special software is used to separate and name every track that has been recorded. These recorded tracks are then transferred to a hi-quality CD. The only requirement for this process is that the LP must not have any scratches on it as this prevents the tracks from getting picked up for re-recording onto the CD.

High quality Vinyl LP to CD conversion helps you maintain those beautiful sound tracks in pristine condition. Many of the tracks that you thought could no longer be heard can be made available with proper Vinyl LP to CD conversion through which they are once again made for listening through high quality compact disks. It is not just old audio tracks that can be cleaned and heard in this manner, you can carry out a similar process for video tapes too. Old video tapes can be re-recorded onto DVD and they can be viewed again through a DVD player.

When performing Vinyl to CD conversion or VHS to DVD transfer, you need to find high quality audio and video conversions else the desired output cannot be achieved. These services will help you get those much loved audio or video tracks in place, as otherwise you will lose them and cannot enjoy them again. High quality Vinyl LP to CD conversion or VHS to DVD transfer brings back the money invested in them and enables you to still enjoy what was stored in them through high quality digital outputs that last forever.

Transfer LP Vinyl Record to CD

Ship or bring your vinyl LP, 78 rpm album records and 45 to us and we will convert them to digital format such as MP3 or WMA wave files format so that you can listen them on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Pricing for Our LP Conversion
  • 1 Vinyl LP to MP3 or Audio CD = $20
  • Add $10 to Include CD Labeled with Songs
  • Add $10 to Include Colorful printed CD case
  • Add $10 for 8 Gig USB Flash Drive
  • 78 Record to CD = $15
  • 45 Record to CD = $5 per track
  • Vinyl Pop & Click Reduction Included
  • Free MP3 CD Included
  • 10% Discount for 5 or More LPs, 78s & 45s

We require a deposit of $5.00 for each LP, 78 and 45 vinyl record conversion.

READ: If whatever recording submitted is currently available in a modern format (i.e. DVD, CD, etc.) and could be purchased, we cannot perform the transfer (conversion).