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When VHS landed in the 1980s, it took very little time for them to be the key feature for saving memories. It was a cost-efficient and easy to use format for preserving treasured moments. However, the big tapes were not capable of enduring many of life's rigors. Their design turns out to last a little over 2 decades in the best circumstances. Even then, the image and sound qualities will likely degrade. Storage areas prone to wild fluctuations in temperature and humidity may see increased degradation, and degradation means losing all those captured moments and love ones. To keep those memories safe these days, we need to find alternatives. One method to safeguard our treasured memories is to convert VHS to digital media.

Digital media is a quantum leap forward from tapes in multiple ways. The longevity is vastly improved. There is no specialized device required to play digital media; plenty of currently available devices serve this purpose. These include standalone players, personal computers, game consoles and more. Perhaps the best feature of all for digital media is one of storage. Those bulky VHS tapes could take up a lot of real estate on shelves. Even if you were to convert VHS to DVD, the shelf space is greatly reduced. Pure digital formats are the most space efficient of all, since vast sizes will fit in a single external memory device or a digital repository such as one provided by a cloud service.

When we captured these memories originally, our intention was to preserve them so we might revisit or share them. Those VHS tapes were supposed to be available for our children and our grandchildren. The sad fact of the matter is VHS is no longer the best method for doing so. Functional players are rare, and the storage system's quality may be degrading with every passing day. Our best bet is to convert to digital formats.

The technology to convert VHS to DVD or other digital formats is widely available. It is possible to perform this task in our own homes, using one of these off the shelf solutions. However, wouldn't it be best to entrust our treasured memories to VHS to DVD conversion service professionals? Of course, many vendors offer a quality VHS to DVD conversion service. The matter comes down to one of economics and working with a professional you can trust to convert VHS to digital format. Finding a professional who will respect your dear memories is key. You want someone who will value your hardcopies as much as you do, who can provide the best VHS to DVD conversion service possible.

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