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We take your music to the next level with Acoustica Music Recording Software

Transfer Cassette Tape to CD Service

Bring or ship your audio tapes or microcassettes to us and we will convert them into digital (CD, MP3, WMA or any file format) so that you can listen them on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Audio Cassette Tapes Digitizing
  • 1 Music Tape up to 45 min = $20 (Professional made with tracks separations)
  • Add $10 to Include CD Labeled with songs
  • Add $10 for 8 Gig USB Flash Drive
  • 1 Music Tape up to 1 hr = $30 (Home made with tracks separations)
  • 1 Music Tape up to 1 hr = $10 (Home made without tracks separations)
  • Tape Hiss Reduction Included
  • Free Data CD Included
  • 10% Discount for 5 or More Tapes

We require a deposit of $5.00 for each audio tape conversion.

Pricing for Microcassette to MP3
  • 1 Audio Tape up to 1 hr = $10
  • 1 Audio Tape up to 90 min = $15

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